Q7 Update Maps to U.K. version on a 2015 Q7 brought from US


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I have just imported a US purchased 2015 Q7 into the U.K. Everything else has been done and car is DVLA registered.

I want to update the Navigation to have U.K. maps so can anyone advise what’s the cheapest and reliable approach. Prefer a DIY approach if possible?

in additon, is there a way to connect the MMI (Audi connect) to use the mobile data & Wifi of a U.K. phone (e.g. Virgin Mobile).

greatly appreciate any assistance here. Thanks


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You'll need specialist technical help to get the SatNav conversion done - you could look here: https://www.hazzydayz.com/q7-4l---2007-2015-29-c.asp

For Connect - I'm not familiar with the Q7 per se. On many Audis when Connect is installed there are two options:

1) Separate data SIM card - however that's going to require EU cellular hardware in the car so may not work


2) Use a modern mobile phone that supports the Bluetooth Remote SIM Access Profile (rSAP), most Samsung Galaxy devices are capable. If you have an Apple iPhone then you are out of luck.


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Would need a VIN number to check but we region convert VW Group Media systems also :)