upgrade B6 brakes for B8 S4 !!!


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Complete Brakes from Audi B8 S4 to B6

Will fit on A4 B6 ?

so far I know that front rotors A4 B8 offset do not match up with B7/B6 hubs... and I need swap for B7 S4 rotors :thumbsup:

B8 S4 Calipers/B7 S4 Rotors Installed..

what about back brakes ? handbrake etc. any solution ?????????


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Yes... I know that B6 fit P&P

but what about B8 S4 ? back calipers etc. anyone know ???
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I've got TTRS discs and calipers. I test fit them on my B5 S4 and they fit after a little machining of the disc centre bore. My question is... are the B5 uprights the same as B6?


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I've got B8 S4 fronts, rears can't be done for numerous reasons such as offset and them only being available with electric parking brake.


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Thanks for that. I guessing then the b6 lines don't fit then?