Upgrade to New S3 System


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Was thinking about upgrading the system to my new S3 as I didn't spec BOSE as my car was a cancelled order.

I have the RNS-E satnav which I obviously want to keep as the headunit and am wanting a bit beefier bass than I have with the standard system. I don't want to play my music ear splittingly loud I would like someting like/better than the BOSE which gives a nice deep bass sound at low volume.

What options do I have?

I went to one audio dealer who said they could do something but another said they could not as the Audi systems were a pain in the ar*e to do??

I would like to keep all boot space I have if possible.



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Easiest & best single upgrade would be one of my stealth subs. The custom made 18mm MDF enclosure replaces the existing tupperware box, housing a JL Audio 6.5" sub and is powered by a separate amp hidden behind the rear speaker panel, so totally stealth. The enclosure & sub together weighs 7Kg's.
The result is clean punchy bass (much better than the muffled rumblings of the Bose sub). I provide an adapter which simply plugs into the existing Audi sub loom and provides the feed for the amp. So the only additional cabling needed is a decent power cable from the battery.

PM me if you need more info or pricing.