Using 8v OEM roof bars on 8p—Drill mounting holes or cut off roof bar prongs?


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I have the 2008 A3 5-door 8p with a flat roof. The OEM roof bars 8p9071126 were discontinued without a replacement. However, looking at the parts page for them, they actually work on the 2013, which is the 8v model.

Now, the OEM roof bars for the 2013 A3 flat roof are 8v4071126.

So here's my theory! The newer bars are the same dimensions as the older ones, only the newer ones have pokers where they meet the door frame to go into the holes in the frame. However, my 8p does not have holes in the frame so the only thing I would need to do is either drill the holes myself or cut off the pokers that go into the door frame.

If I drill holes, I worry about damaging paint, and the roof bars making a funnel for water to get into the A pillars and potentially ruin everything. I'm pretty sure the factory holes are sealed but mine would not be.

If cut off the pokers on the roof bar clamps, I worry about not being able to get a flush cut and damaging the paint but also the roof bars potentially moving around and scratching the paint. Perhaps the newer ones were designed to need that mechanism to stay mounted in one place and not slide around whereas the older ones were designed to stay still without it?

Has anyone dealt with this or have any ideas?


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the theory about about the 2013 listed being the 8v, na. etka lists that part number for the 8p exclusively. same with the 8v roof bars, theyre 8v only. 2013 appears to be the official crossover date between the 8p and 8v.

Screenshot 2021-05-06 at 22.26.39.png

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ive seen 2nd hand bars up for sale on fb marketplace for around the £130 mark. get the 8p ones.


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I do wonder sometimes what goes through people's head when roof bars comes up.

Recent discussions on aftermarket roof bars being stuck to the roof, which wasnt the 1st journey on this I've discussed, all madness.

Fit 8P roof bars to your 8P.

You truly dont realise the ramifications if they ever come off, truly its a very serious potential life changing decision not to be taken litely.


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I agree with Nigel(who has discussed this issue several times) especially the notion of gluing on the bars. The bars will come off and they are harpoon for the driver behind. The installation in not rocket science. its fairly easy. How hard is it to remove the headliner, drill 4 holes with a graduated bit then corrosion protection, primer and paint then install. All the parts are listed including the protection, paint and primer. Its all been discussed before. Do the job once with the right parts


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To defend my anxiousness to find a solution, I've been searching for months now. Audi discontinued a product for a car that is less than 8 years old (if we consider the 2013 model that these support) and gave no alternative. Every aftermarket one I can find has significant overhang that I can't imagine I wouldn't hit my head on or poke my eye out on once in a while. So I even bought a pair from one of two places where they actually are abundant (UK and Germany); however, they've gone a month without a shipping update so they're either lost or confiscated. But I ask my question before doing it to see if anyone else has experience with this same problem. I don't want to endanger anyone but I do believe in my ability to tell if it is secure. After all, I'm sure there is a way for me to improperly install the proper roof bars and endanger others so I'm not sure how this differs.


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@tcardio I think we're talking about two different things. I do not want to install roof rails (lengthwise). I want to install roof bars (widthwise). They mount to the door frame.