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Hi guys,

Im attempting to swap my instrument cluster, I have a 1998 1.9 tdi, with analogue clock, Immo2, non-CAN and idiot lights!

I have Vag Tacho and VagCOM, and have used the vag tacho to connect and retrieve my SKC from the existing clocks. I did this by connecting and choosing my ecu type, VDO old, and it connected to the ecu and extracted the code. I can then change miles etc. The clocks have VDO on the back.

Now, I have purchased some brand new tdi clocks, which are IMMO2, can bus, but are not made by vdo, they have MM4 on the back. I dont have the skc for the new clocks, if indeed it has one as there brand new.

When I plug in the new clocks, the all light up, and the car starts for a second before stopping.

With the vag tacho in, I cant now connect to the ECU by choosing VDO Old. Nor can I connect via any other way, trying all the different types of ecu and clicking connect to ecu, or connect to any tacho.

Now there are a million threads on all sorts of vag forums, mostly helpful, but none saying how to retrieve the SKC from new clocks when the vag tacho doesnt connect!

Any help would be very much appreciated, I know the next step using vagcom to programme etc just need the ecu to talk to the new clocks?!?

Old clocks part number 8L0919910D
New Cluster p/n 8LO920950D


Thanks in advance


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No, but it's done all the commands Ive asked of it on the current clocks. Not sure if I even need to skc from the new clocks, as I may just have to input the old clock skc through vagcom?

Anyone done this before?

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