Value of 2.4 v6 Avant(W/2000) No MOT?

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Hi all, I'm selling my A4 Avant as I'm going away for a while. The car currently has no mot and needs a couple of things done to get it through, firstly, rear axle bushes are starting to bang(had an advisory last mot) and the exhaust needs sorting out. I fitted a new cat a few months ago but don't think I did it right, I fitted a gasket where one wasn't needed(I think).

I fitted new Eibachs and Billies at the beginning of the year and they've only done 1500 miles since, I also have a full set of Pagid discs and pads in boxes.

Just wondered if anyone could tell me what this lot is worth? Or, if anyone local is interested in taking her off my hands?

If I wasn't going away to work I'd get the work done and keep her. The car drives great apart from the things mentioned.

I'm open to offers, if anyone is interested.

TIA, Andy.

Edit: The car has 112.000 miles on the clock and a lot of history. Tax end of Sep, No MOT.
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without an MOT i suspect you'll struggle to get even 500quid for it.


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ive seen mint ones go for just over a grand. my father in law buys and sells as a hobby and he had one a while ago and gave 700 quid for it with no tax and about 3 months mot. depends on the right person on the right day. id say with no mot between 500-1000.
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