VCDS Questions


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Hi all

I've been reading through the FAQ's on VCDS but still have a couple of questions.

Basically my airbag light has come on and I just wanted to see if I could reset it without having to pay a garage to do it. I don't really want to pay for the full version of VCDS and a Ross-Tech cable, as I'd probably never use it again (anything more technical than this and I'd have to take the car to a garage anyway).

For what I need, I wondered if I could just use VCDS-Lite and an OBD2 II cable from Ebay? But I'm not sure if this kind of cable will work with my 2005 A4 (B7) ?



Ross-Tech, LLC
The B7 A4 requires an interface that works with the KLines as well as CAN. VCDS-Lite products are not compatible. So your best bet would be to ask someone near you to come and lend a hand rather wasting your money on a product that is not going to work.

If you decided to buy a product, you need a Ross-Tech HEX+CAN unit. NHN (Nigel), an admin here, can sell you one of the HEX-USB+CAN units he distributes.