VOGTLAND Springs - any good?


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I've seen a few older posts about this brand bit nothing too recent.

Been looking to get my A3 8Y lowered slightly and these keep coming up as "close to standard" stiffness.

As these are the only Springs that Awesome offer for my model at the moment (I always use Awesome) I just wanted to hear people's opinions on Vogtland?

I see they are a German brand that have been around for a long time (good start!)

I had H&R springs on my previous A3 8V and they were a little too stiff for me.


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H & R springs always seem to be more uncomfortable and performance oriented than most other springs available. Not sure about Vogtland springs but I have used Eibach springs for many years now and find them a good quality product that do work well. Find the part number you need and have a look at ordering them from Germany on Ebay. They can be quite a bit cheaper sometimes.