VW POLO AUTO power problem,help please


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Hi everyone

My girl friend has got a vw polo 2006 auto and it is experiencing under power problem. It seem to unable to go over 30miles/hour for some reasons. I test drive it on D mode and it can only go up to 30 max and no matter if you put your feet all the way it wont go over 30. However when I tried it on other mode ''number 3'' it can go up to 40 miles/hour but I think this mode is not for city drive as the engine rev is quite high,more suitable for hill driving.

I have taken it to 2 different garages and the first one said there maybe a gear box problem and they recommend me other garage that deal with auto gear box.However when I take this car there they say its not gear box problem,it maybe the engine fault and they recommend me to take it vw dealer to have it diagnoses check. So far no fault display on the dashboard and I have no idea whats wrong with the car as I have always drive manual car and the ealier date available at local vw dealer is in 2 weeks.

What I have got in mind is the cambelt or speed sensor but what do you guys think whats wrong with it?Also I notice that when you refill fuel,it keep stopping and you have to press refill trigger every 10 seconds....

Any help will be much appreciated :))


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Get the car scanned first off, Look on the vcds users map to see who is near you to help.
As for the filling up pull the nozzle out a little further out of the filler neck.