Weird noise when driver window goes down


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Anyone ever noticed a weird, creaking like noise when putting a window down ? Not a big deal but I thought it was strange...don't want the window to stop working suddenly when my warranty is up in a month or so.



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Dont know what it is, but this started happening to my A3 when the girlfriend left the driver's side window open in a massive storm for 2 days! ! all interior soaked and also the door card. Amazingly, all worked fine but the window started scraping and sounding awful when going down. Never found out the real reason but i guessed it was rust or lack of lube in the hinges of the window mechanism. Didn't fail after a year and then sold the car...


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The noise comes due to lack of lub and the problem with the window going down is probably the faulty switch. You said it is in warranty, have it checked. If warranty is expired then open the door trim and remove the wiring from opener switch, see if it stops


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