well its getting more and more difficult to sleep now! haha


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So im awaiting arrival of my Daytona grey i secured a deal several days ago and am now just waiting...

I went down to the dealer yesterday as i noticed they had an Ibis on the forecourt, because ive never really seen one in the flesh or heard one i nipped in and asked for the keys to have a look-

Very discreet in white with black package.. several cars down is an ibis S3 BE and only the bumper intake are noticable difference upon first glance

Anyway i had a good look around.. Just like an S3 as i thought so really happy with that

Started it up.. Immediately as it fires it sounds more purposeful, the revs sound lovely, a nice pleasing exhaust note

Pressed S button was suprised to actually hear the valve open haha. The exhaust obviously then sounds even better

I bought an Evo 8 MR several years ago and loved the performance but not the running costs, since then i had a MK5 Golf GTI which was very nice but was lacking in performance. I then bought a Mazda 3 MPS, which at first felt like a good inbetween but the running costs were not far off the Evo. Fuel economy and tax are ridiculous on it, its front wheel drive with 260+bhp which can be fun, but mostly is the opposite. Then theres the fact its a Mazda and i just didnt ever enjoy the cabin or ride quality (something you forgive the evo for as its part of their character)

Anyway, im hoping the RS3 is going to cover all bases.. tbh i was thinking the S3 would do that just fine but i think now providing economy isnt noticably different between the RS and the S then im onto a winner


Is there somefin in my teef?
IMHO your on a winner anyway, I'm proper jealous.

Get some pics up as soon as you get it.