What CTS for 1.9 PD AVF ?


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None of those are OEM. Main dealer or TPS for a genuine CTS.


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Get a genuine one only, i bought a cheapo for my avf last year but it didnt last five minutes, its not worth the bother, my car kept going into limp mode because of this, there are genuine ones available on Ebay and cheaper than tps and stealers and unlike the cheapo ones have the audi four rings and part number stamped on it, the one you want is 059919501A, cheers


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I was under the impression Darkside Developments sold genuine parts, they have the Temp Sensor for £12.50 plus postage (£3.50) and that is labelled as being Beru.
Was thinking of changing mine, the car feels a little down on power & just not 'quite' right Plus the MPG has dropped a bit, it struggled with the MOT smoke test last year even after changing the filters & ragging it before the retest.

So wondering if it's worth swapping out just to rule it out as I've read around & it seems those symptoms 'could' be the temp sensor (among many other things i'm guessing!)
Mot is due April, so hoping it doesn't cause me any problems


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April is cool , it's post 20th May where things get interesting with another fake emissions scandal with your VIN plate !