What did you do to yours today...?


It's supposed to do that..
Technically, I didn't do it today, but over the last couple of days I wet sanded my whole car, then used cutting compound and polish to get it back shining again.
Here's a few pics, I don't have any pics of it all complete as I was putting the wax on at 9 o'clock last night and have been at work today.
So what do you all think? :blush:

I'll try and get some pics up soon of it looking all clean and sparkly.

Audi S3 freak

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Not too sure if this counts but I parked my gay porker behind my s3. Went into my brothers garage where he was working on his mates mk2 golf that he done a pd150 conversion on. Moaned like feck at him!! I stated he needs to stop working on ****ty old golfs and fix my fecking audi!!!!!! Fact he had also been working on his golf rallye means I may have upset him a little.......looks like my poor little audi is going to sit there a little longer :( Me and my ****** big mouth! lol