What do you do for a job?


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Run my own wee electrical business, specialise in rewires, extensions and shop installs. I do 3 phase installs and fault finding as well. Love Getting my hands dirty!

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Do you anything about extension leads. Need one for my kranzle tst1152. It's either that or get a 2nd hose extension.

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What is the average price for your projects?

It can vary to be honest I create packages for clients that start from £200. For larger projects I can be hired for a fixed day rate. All my work is fixed price, I don't like using hourly rates. If you would like to know more just drop me a DM


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I'm a Crew Manager at Fareham Fire Station working for Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service. Almost 18 years now.


MAD I live in Fareham, just down the road from the Oast & Squire pub.

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I work for Dwp as a debt recovery officer from estates. So if anyone dies and they owe the government money, i deal with it.


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I work offshore in the North Sea dealing with Xmas trees and wellheads, an mechanical enginmeer to trade


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Tis a bit of a rhetorical question in my case, but I'll happily share about life after celebrity and being left behind for the Amazon by those three head cases!

And it was handy enough shifting gears into my backup career as an I.T Engineer because with modern vehicles being computers disguised as cars, bikes, etc.

It's a natural fit, but I do miss the fans, freebies, and access to stuff / things (sighs in Stig)


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Refrigeration engineer by trade. Used to go all over the country installing chillers, VRV systems etc.

Got old now and work as a Facilities Manager for a law firm managing hard and soft services across 4 offices (London, Leeds, Bristol and Birmingham).
Software engineer in the computer gaming industry


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I really like playing foosball and billiard since childhood and when I became 24 I chose to develop my hobby and soon it started to be my professional occupation. Now I have a foosball club where children can play table tennis, table football, pool and do other different sports, spending time without gadgets. This is how my hobby has turned into something bigger and I really wish that everyone can find his own way.
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I'm a quantity surveyor (also referred to as bean counter) for a drylining firm on new build houses.
Get paid to colour in drawings :D


Sprayed cars since I left school for about 12 years then had a brilliant opportunity to change career and I'm now an electrian and love my job


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Work Part Time as a Parts Sales man at General Traffic. Also run my own business buying and selling Mountain Bike parts, and doong repairs etc.


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Manage a commercial and residential property portfolio.
Owned and operated an automotive marketing agency too but put that to one side for now.


Started with nothing & still have most of it left.
Was a excavator, crane and HGV driver for many years, now I can’t say what I do and where I do it. Suffice to say I contribute to keeping the lights on in the UK.


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Still retired, still doing nowt other than keeping me and mine safe...
Thank you for the 'like' toooldforboyracing but now I've moved to a 100% carer - not sure that's a 'job' but you gotta do what you gotta do :superman:

Both our RS3 and TT, remaining in the garage, have 72-month FLAT SPOTS" at 180º downwards, what to do :sadlike: