What do you do with stone chips? Show us your DIY before and after shots.


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Looking to see how people on here deal with stone chips.

DIY jobbie, not chips away etc..

Noticed some new ones on mine and looking for any good tips to beat the chips.


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Would also be interested to hear people's experiences - on the really small ones, I use a cocktail stick dipped in the touch up paint as the brushes are way too big. For larger ones, I have some very fine-end brushes so again, dip that in the touch up paint. That was on my WRX - haven't got any before and after shots since moving to Audi S3 but being Navarra Blue I've already got the paint !


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As with anything, it depends on how much time and effort you want to put into this vs the finish you want to achieve! The video below gives some really handy tips.

I corrected x3 chips on one of my rear calipers a few days ago. Cocktail stick, Hammerite smooth red, 2 coats. Worked well and a good colour match.




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Nice job there ! The Hub looks very tidy too - are they painted ?


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I watched a video Jim white of white details done on YouTube on how he tackles stone chips. Looked quite straightforward so got some cocktail sticks ordered the sepang colour from Crewe Audi parts and with a steady hand achieved quite a good job.
Trouble is it’s one of those things you will be forever chasing though