What do you do........


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look at his feedback score and it looks like he is a Panel beater come sprayer so the cut and shut is out there already.lol
Randomjim said:
Could make a cool trailer :lmfao:
Actually, you laugh but I've seen some car clubs do this to great effect. One was the Orion Register (oh yes), and one of the guys took a crash-damaged Mk1 Orion and made a trailer out of it, painted in the same colour. Sounds daft but it's a great publicity thing. And the rear lights would at least be effective, unlike those silly little things fitted to normal trailers! :)
Perhaps someone was so impressed with James May's Lancia/Saab hybrid, the thought they'd do likewise with an A4 & a Passat?

Edit: Oops, it was an Alfa wasn't it - not a Lancia.