What do you like about your A3 8Y?

A lot of us had fair few issues with our 8Ys. Despite them I'm sure there are things we like about our 8Ys.
So let's share what we like about it.

For me:
1. The DSG gearbox is very smooth and almost imperceptible up/down shift in normal day to day drive.
2. Very flat cornering with very little body roll.
3. MHEV system is very good for auto start/stop. So finally I don't bother to turn it off everytime I start the car.
4. Small point but interesting: a red-bull sized can perfectly fit in between 2 larger sized cup holders.

Great topic. All us people waiting on our cars arriving are surely nervous given all the negativity on the forum. Nice to hear some positives!:thumbs up:


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1. Agree the auto gearbox is lush
2. Seats are comfier than before, especially with the alcantara
3. With all the production delays, i think mine is currently the only S3 in my town so i feel like a bit of a celeb tbh !


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* Car styling - the creases down the side when viewed from the front wing look awesome.
* Virtual cockpit is class leading.
* The speakers are very good.
* The headlights are amazing
* Build quality is good
* Ride and handling are good


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1- the design- especially the interior
2-the quality of material
3- the manual gear box is really nice ( apart from 1st in the first minute of driving from cold but that is well documented with the 1.5)
4-the suspension is really comfy but no roll in the bends


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Good points/ bad points:
inside is nice, step up to a modern sleek look, is it better than the previous 8V.....I would have to say the materials are not as good, but the design is a step forward.
Outside the car, work of art....although I do prefer the s-line and above styling with the air vents on the bonnet...albiet fake ones!!!....the sides have beautiful angles in sun light, and the rear could have been better in my opinion...but overall the design is a step up for sure.......the reflections for the driver though really p$%s me off....why that silly shape was cut into the dash is beyond me...its like looking through a 50 pence coin!!!...silly shape that I can only assume is for the HUD...but if you have not got HUD then just leave the top of the dash smooth....makes me wonder if they ever went out and tested this car!!!

Driving the car is a much more relaxing, long journeys become shorter, wind noise at 70mph is quiet, even with 19" rims, so the smaller based rims should be even better, it`s also not bad at 105mph (so I am told!)...... gearbox on the manual is good, clutch peddle needs a workout, I guess all new cars need to be bedded in.....the only thing I found with the car is the safety systems do not really give me much faith in trusting them, for sure they work as they should, but this is level3 Auto driving....and these systems whilst useful, do not convince me that I am safe.....for the first 200 miles in this car I let the car more or less drive itself, on the motorway in did!...this made long journeys feel much more chilled...but after a few more 100 miles I started to `drive` the car myself....and this is where you feel what Audi have done, the car is much tighter, grip is amazing for a front wheel drive car, and the turbo is just about right in its punch....it is less aggressive than the 8V in the way the power curve climbs, it is more progressive on the 8Y....(ECU voltage changes can manipulate this)..... but just drop it down a gear and let the turbo kick it at 4k revs.....the thing can move.
Around town nice and smooth, no issues....parking is very easy....just one small change on design, the mirrors have been bought forward slightly, now this is fine, but it has a plus and minus, the plus is you can see more, that little gap by moving the mirror forward is a real help, downside I think you get more cabin noise from this placement....but like i said, plus and minus!
Overall this car has more plus than minus about it.....

So as carwow would say...should you buy it, shortlist it...etc.......Well I bought it, but my advise would be to shortlist it!!!.....simply because I think Audi as usual has dropped the ball in crucial areas, and the Golf, Seat and others in this bracket have more features for your money, and if you can live without the snobbery of an Audi badge, then they would be better options as they are virtually the same cars!!!!....

If I could describe the car in a few words it would be .....A beautiful women, with beautiful hair and in an amazing dress, ...wearing wellington boots.
Having been caught in a long stop-start traffic jam on the M25 earlier today, the Driver Assist package paired with the S-Tronic gearbox made it so very easy. The car pretty much drove itself - including adjusting to the ever changing variable speed limits -allowing me to chill to some music and keep an eye on the ever changing traffic situation on the sat nav .

I‘d also add that the hands free car kit is spot on. I did a whole 30 minute journey a week or so back whilst on the phone, with no more effort to do so than if I’d been sitting on my sofa at home.

And the matrix lights - now sadly only available in the highest trim (?) - are a game changer for night driving. To be able to run full beams on an unlit motorway or dual carriageway, regardless of other traffic, makes driving at 70 mph feel much safer. It goes without saying that they are also great on other types of road and I still catch myself being impressed with the way that the main beams open and close like theatre curtains.

And the switch gear and virtual cockpit are easy and Intuitive to use (which is one of the ways that the Audi pulls ahead of the Golf, and Seat) - with the exception of the switch for full beam which seems to change function depending on which mode the lights are in.
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