what hose do i need ?


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Hi all,
slightly embarasing.. fitting my 007p today i snapped the small braided hose that come out of the top of the dv. tried looking all over car spares ect ect but dont know what its called.

just been down to my local car parts store and they gave me some fuel line hose but its far to small to fit and even if it did it would probably just blow off under presure as its so thin.

so anyone know what this hose is called? where to buy one ? car is presumably undrivable because of this :banghead: I always break something fixing something else.

big thanks, jamie


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its just vacuum hose.

Surprised your factors doesnt do it, but you can get it on ebay. I think the DV needs 4mm hose.


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cheers guys. i just didnt know what type of hose it was. well my only solution is now to go to halfords who have a 3.2 mm vacum hose for 5.99. 100% rip off im sure but i need the car at half 5 in the morning so ill order up some nice silicone 4mm tonight and hope the 3.2 mm holds out. should do right ?:shrug:

thanks again


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**Surprised your factors doesnt do it**

they didnt even know what a diverter valve was, but the guy at the desk is obviously a student who dosnt have a clue about cars. to be honest before i got my a3 and came on here I wouldnt have known.


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i use 4mm fuel line, the cheap ebay stuff just falls apart when you tighten a clip round it

Not all of them mate! Mr silicone shop on eBay ( just about everyone I know uses him, and few builds on here have bits from him) reallly cheap and brilliant quality. His stuff is stamped up ASH I think..... Cheers, Sean


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same happened on mine, the old stock pipe is really weak when it bends, i got some silicone pipe on ebay, 4 quid a meter, 5mm too. put 2 jubilee clips either end and it holds well. look at my pic on facebook jamie. also its really stiff so wont collapse etc with any pressure and also maintains its shape when the engine warms up. normal cheap vacuum pipe will collapse on boost when it gets hot so be warned..


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ive had an absolute ****** nightmare. after driving around enfield for ages in traffic, all i could get was some 5mm vacum hose from halfords. 5mm THICK in total. so inside is like 3mm. anyway, I had no choice for now but to fit that until some silicone arrives. after ****ing around with getting the old clip off, i finaly got the hose fitted. took the airbox lid off to hear if it was working and yeah it is.

nows the fun bit, whilst reaching around fitting the hose i noticed the rear of the engine head just infront of the DV was lots of fresh oil. so ive got a leak, great

also noticed a loud hissing/air escaping noise when i turn the engine off after about 2 seconds. IS THIS NORMAL ? wasnt sure if its just the system dumping left over pressure.

sorry for the rant but im covered in oil, wound up, about 20 quid down on stupid hose thats going to be used for less than a week and im up at half 4 in the morning.

any ideas fellas ?

a very big thank you to all