What ISO cable to I need to convert from my Symph II to aftermarket headunit?


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Hi all,

Sorry not sure which the right section was for this as I assumed its vehicle specific rather than general ICE.

So Ive just ordered a new aftermarket headunit to replace my syphony II, and Im just wondering what ISO cables il need as there seem to be a load of different ones? Not to mention am I right in thinking Il also need a special arial adapter thing as the syph has two?

Mines the non bose version if that makes any difference?

Ive seen this but not sure if its right ISO Lead (2 Channel Active Rear) for Audi A4/S4 (B6) 00 on | eBay or whether theres a better priced one at least? Likewise is this right for the ariel? Female Aerial Adaptor with 12v Signal Separation for Audi A4/S4 (B6) 00 on | eBay