What MPG are you getting?


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The A1 looks to have some really impressive quoted mpg figures but what are people getting in real life?


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Oh dear, If you don't mind me asking, what engines have you all got?

Sadly there isn't much clue from your signatures..... :readit:


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Im driving a 1.6 tdi s-line A1 and finding the fuel figures a disgrace, over a year old now, 13kmon the clock and still not over 50mpg on the motorway from Ayrshire to Edinburgh......averaging around 70mph for roughly 70 miles???

at one point it was down to 42mpg average.


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Well on my 400 Mile trip home from Newcastle in the 105BHP (99 CO2 variant) to I managed 49.5 MPG, but I was ragging it though the dual carriageways in Newcastle then got carried away near home and, a-hem, booted it a fair bit.

I will let you know more as despite it having 4K on the clock it is immensely stiff at higher speeds, probably due to its history in Milton Keynes as an Audi sales training 'sit in a psuedo showroom to be "sold" then go on a test drive with the trainee salesman and instructor' role, it certainly feels like its never been driven very hard.

Not anymore though.

However its doubled what I used to get from my S3 so couldn't be happier. :yum:


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Is the above figures of the dis or tank to tank refills or fuelly ?


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Is the above figures of the dis or tank to tank refills or fuelly ?

My figures are DIS in both the S3 and A1, oh and yes i'm aware of 'averaging' which is why they are/were reset regularly. :hi:

I also store all my fuel purchases on an iPhone app so will know more after fill-ups, but its going to be twice as long between those now, hence why I'm a happy chappie. :icon_thumright:


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I drive a 1.6 tdi

I've had 50 mpg on a 100 mile motorway trip with a very small bit of town driving at the very end and start of the journey. On a quick dash down a dual carrage way I can get above 40 mpg, thats driving normaly without being overly gentle or heavy. In town journeys to work I get 30 mpg.

So round town as expected from a diesel its no better than a decent petrol car. Disapointed with the 50mpg on the motorway but the engine still new so maybe it just needs to be broken in. Feel the engine probably needs working harder than a 2.0 though so I think the 2.0 probably gets the same mpg figures at the very least as the 1.6 and I hear has alot more power so probably alot more fun to drive.

Honestly in hindsight I think the 2.0 is better purely because the mpg figures won't be much different and you apparently get alot more power and I think the 1.6 in my opinion really lacks the power I'd want and seems to run out of puff very quickly too before having to change up while not really pulling from low revs all that great either.

Only my opinion though but I certainly don't think the 1.6 tdi can get anywhere near the projected mpg figure.


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I have averaged 39 on the DIS over the last 9 months. On a couple of motorway runs of 80 miles, according to the DIS it indicated an average of 55 mpg at 60-70 mph.


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For my 1.4 (122) TFSI with DSG, and mainly short trips, the average is 39. I always work on 10 miles per gallon less than the government figures.

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40 mile drive to work, I get about 39mpg light to medium stop-start traffic in and round Nottingham; going home, back to Lincoln, I get about 42 leaving later when the traffic is a bit lighter. Drive a 1.4 122 TFSI 6-Speed Manual.


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I've got a 70 mile round trip to work, mixed with about half town driving with stop start and half at 50/60 on an open A road.

Can't complain with my consumption.

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I have a A1 courtesy car while my A3 is lying at Highland Audi awaiting surgery that wasn't expected, (by them or me)...!

I do a 26 mile each way run to work daily and I'm getting 53.1mpg from a car with 16 miles on the clock when I picked it up. Not bad, but I did expect slightly better. I'm comparing it to my old BKD 140 TDI, which was nippy and frugal. The A1 is just not nippy enough yet to be majorly impressive and courtesy car or not, I'm treating it like I own it.
Maybe it'll loosen up as it racks up some more miles.
Not bad at all though, decent commuter and it handles like a limpet.


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Wow some funny figures. I easily get 40+ from my 1.8TFSI A3 Saloon. My commute is 30 miles, mix of A road and some B. In moving traffic (doing 40-50 mph) I can get high 40's! Although this is from the DIS.

But with the S1 on the way, I don't expect I'll see the figure begin with a 4 for a while......