what oils for A3 (8L)?


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hi all, looking to change the gear box oil in my A3 1.8T, 1997, its got 125k on the clock,

whats the best to go for also any heads up on engine oil for it? as ive judt read a thread saying 5w-40 would be alot better than 5w-30!!!

maybe someone could post up a permanent thread on all the oils for the A3 (8L) as its hard to find it. also how many litres both engine and gearbox takes.


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i just had a service on my A3 1.8TQ at a Audi specialist, ive got 85,000 on the clock and they said 10w40 as the parts are old and worn it will be a better oil.


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Can't beat 10/40 semi skilled, good all rounder :)


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10W40 Fully Synthetic for me....


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I used Quantum Platinum 5W40 fully synthetic and I got it from Audi for £22 for 5L

I have no idea how you managed to do this. I rang the Audi dealer 3 times to check the price of it (even with an exact reference code), and they said "There is no way they are getting it for that price. The cheapest we have EVER bought it ourselves is £16, and we buy in HUGE amounts!". They quoted me £62 + vat for 5L of that stuff, so I ended up getting Mobil 1 ESP 5w30 (503.01 spec) from Halfords - £39.99.

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doing a oil change next weekend and i will be using fuschs titan fully synthetic 5w/40 dam good oil in my opinion and wont break the bank either.


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I'm using Valvoline 5w40 fully synthetic.

Also mixing 2T oil with diesel to lubricate fuel systems and remove carbon.