What the RS3 should of looked like from the factory....


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We've all said that the RS3 should of had the "RS" style exhaust at the rear and this MTM rear end is exactly as it should of come from the factory...

Check this video out.... Audi RS3 MTM review - YouTube


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Loving the dual exit.
Would love it but the rear diffuser that goes with it is a bit too busy for me.
sure Miltek will have one available soon.

Dave Hedgehog

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I didn't, I can't stand the fake Barry the Boy Racer coffee can exhausts

Look good if your a 17 year old hanging around asda in your mums corse

I'll take real pipes designed for performance over blagging rights :)


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My chrome tips are nearly black anyway lol


All the gear.. No idea
I've ordered the black styling pack, so I get the black tips... quite looking forward to not having to polish them every time they get sooted up! mind you though, I got a bit carried away and ordered a milltek with the black tips, so the standard one will probably get 0 mileage anyway