What to look for in A4 TDI 130 SE Avant 53' plate


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Had a look at a few TDI's and heading down to Kent to hopefully pick up the above.
Its done 105k with full Audi Service history and cambelt etc changed at 69k. Last service done at 102k.
Seen the pics etc but need to check it out in person.

If any one has any advice as to what to look for to avoid being stung i would appreciate the feedback.

Many thanks



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Oh it is the 6sp version.
Sorry to ask but heading down on thursday and was wandering what advice people could give?
In the mean time i am checking out the search function!!!:think:


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Can't comment on the engine fella as mines a 1.8T 190 Sport on a 53 plate. Does have the 6 speed box though. 64000 miles when I got it. Paid £6689 with six month 5 star warranty.

Things I noticed before I bought and had fixed by the dealer:

Whine from front end with road speed. Non dependent on which gear, clutch, brakes or anything other than road speed. Sounded like when a release bearing goes, but it happened all the time the car was moving. Turned out to be pinion bearings and a £800 box rebuild.

Both front doors dropping and required adjustment.

Glove box lid hanging off with broken hinge (apparently common)


Stuff I missed or has happened in the month since I bought it:

Engine warning light diagnosed as a some fan or other that warms the cat on cold startup. Now booked in to be sorted under warranty.

Rear wiper seized. (apparently common)

Boot light pin switch not working.

And today - can't select 5th or 3rd. Though this is most likely down to the gearbox rebuild work I had done not being finished up properly, so it's going back under warranty for that ASAP.


Hope that helps in some small way.

My advice would be that I'd be in trouble without the warranty! Probably check that over as thoroughly as you do the car!!



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I bought mine with 69k, now done 83k, touch wood not a sausage. There generally ok, 1.8t's seem to have quite a few issues with engine and as above the gearbox, you'll have less issues with a diesel generally. Be as worried about accident damage as much as anything. Glove boxes lids are a common failure but cheap to repair, the main one to watch out for is check all the pixels on the instrument panel are working, £800 to replace and an audi main dealer job.


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Suggest you check for uneven tyre wear at the front.....i.e. take a tyre tread depth guage.....if the front tracking is out then chances are that the part of the steering rack that goes into the ball joint that is ajusted to set the tracking will be seized solid and is a b*gger of a job to change...

Check that the front windscreen wipers work at both slow & fast speed (common A4 problem caused by a seized/seizing wiper linkage system)

Check that the DIS display works (no missing pixels)

Rear Anti roll bars suffer from wear and may need changing (its an MOT failure) - mine had to be changed at 30K miles. May have been down to a picky main dealer service bay MOT'r

Cambelt - make sure all the bits have been changed (rollers, tensioners, waterpump ?)

Check the aircon and climate control are 100% operational.

Try and have a chat with the previous owner - I do every time. If the dealer trying to sell you the car won't tell you the previous owners name & address (& phone number if possible) then walk away !

Call the garage thats done the servicing.....and just confirm some of the stuff....they may be reluctant due to the poxy data protection act, but its worth a go.

Do all the receipts tie up with the service book (as its pretty easy to get a spare service book on e-bay & forge service stamps)

Good luck and take no sh*t from the dealer - its a car buyers market at the moment (seeing the depreciation on my car makes me wince - gulp!!!!)


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Had the car just over a week now and well happy with it. Thanks for the advice.
I phoned the main Audi dealers where the stamps were from and they put my mind at ease with the service history etc so other then a few little scratches on the back bumper its a minter :)