Whats the best goal you have ever seen?


Big Ron
Was having this debate today, for me it was Zidanes volley agains Bayer Leverkusen in the Champions League Final a couple of years ago

I could watch this over and over :anbet:

Other candidates, Maradonna taking on the whole England team at the Mexico world cup, and of course that Bergkamp goal


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Celtic were Playing Dundee Utd 1997 Coca Cola final Andreas Thom from the the centre spot 90mins gone route 1 through the whole team and scores never forget it :anbet:


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juninho pernambucano free kick for lyon, about 50 yards out from goal :)
got a vid of it somewhere.


Turbo Sport
This is a strange one not so much it was the best goal , but more for wot it ment Harald Brattbakks goal against St johnstone to stop rangers getting ten in a row, larsson with the first and harold with the second!
Ten years of pain, a week of agony and 78 minutes of torture were forgotten as the speedy Norwegian made perfect contact with Jackie McNamara's low cross.
In that instant, nightmarish thoughts of "10 in a row" vanished, a stadium erupted, bedlam ensued. Grown men cried with joy. Utter, utter ecstasy.:footy:


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Roberto carlos for brazil, i can only describe it as a thunder bolt!!! not sure which world cup maybe in Japan. i think zizi's goal was special as well though. Also a few nice goals in the world cup this year. Joe Coles goal, as well as a few from the argy boys :-0