Wheel spacers?


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Recently purchased an S4 and was wondering if as anyone uses wheel spacers with standard 19inch wheels. I used to have them on my 2.0 TFsi avant, 15mm front and 20mm with 18" wheels without any issues. Also wondered if anyone runs 18" on their S4 as I have a set of BBS CH Wheels in the garage?


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I have 18"x9" wheels on my S4,no issues what so ever :)
I also have 5mm spacers all round.Can't remeber what offset my wheels are,but they had more poke the OE to start with


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I have the standard 19x8.5 et43 with 225/35/19 all round and a decent drop on H&R springs. I've just put some 10mm H&R hubcentric spacers on the rear and over big dips in the road the rear now catches on the arch liners.


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I have 19x 8.5 and 9.5 bbs ch replicas on my s4 for the moment, sits a lot better than the 19" x 8 standard wheels i had on there without spacing.


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I have standard 18's on my S4 and had 10mm front/15mm on the rear. No issues at all and allowed me to fit front RS brakes.