Where can I get 16" Steel wheels?


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Need to source some winter wheels sharpish! I really fancy going for 16" steelies but not sure what will fit.

I know that ideally I'm looking for 5x112 with 57.1mm centrebore and et beetwen 35-45, but, I want to know what else may just fit.

eg the Skoda Octavia steels seem to be available in 16s with 5x112 and et50...will these squeeze on?


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If you got some mk2 octavia, or mk5 golf rims, they would fit on but have slightly the wrong offset. If your rurrent rims were et42 and the new ones were et49, then they are only a few mm out (they'd be 7mm ish to far in). But as you would be running a narrower tyre, they probably wouldn't rub. You'd have to get some spacers to do things properly.
Spacers at DPM Performance

Other options are some rims from VW Passats. The B5 ones have the same spec wheels as the B5 A4, so they'd go straight on. Or you could get some Mercedes rims, they are also 5x112, but go for less on eBay. You'd have to research the et and centrebore though as I'm not sure what spec they are.

I got a set of 16" A4 alloys off the bay for £100 with some part-worn tyres on, and I've seen scuffed sets go for a lot less.

The stealer quoted me about £52 per rim for 16" steel wheels iirc.
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Thanks Icenutter! Lots of good info there ;)
if you don't HAVE to have steel, there's usually decent 16" alloys on eBay for <£200 for a good set of Audi OEM alloys... when I looked at selling mine (before putting winter tyres on them), I figured I'd get <£200 for them....