Where is My engine Speed Sensor (G28)


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My 07 Audi 2 litre TDI has been playing up a bit recently with the glow plug and engine lights coming on randomly with the odd stall and running quite rough when restart it (poss limp mode).
A friend put it on his VCDS for me and it comes up with the following error:

1 Fault Found
00082 Engine Speed Sensor (G28)
P0322 - 000 - No Signal - Intermittent
Freeze Frame:
Fault Status: 00110000
Fault Priority: 1
Fault Frequency: 6
Reset Counter: 255
Mileage: 236068km
Time Indication: 0
Date: 2020.08.22

I have the speed sensor and feel confident on changing it myself but so far have been unable to locate it.
Haynes says it is on the left hand side of the cylinder block next to the oil filter and that I may have to remove the oil filter & cooler to get to it.

I have searched here and google to see if this is right as I cannot see it or the cable to it at all.

Do I have to remove the oil filter and cooler to even see it or is it visible without doing so.

Any help or pointers would be very much appreciated and thanks for taking the time to read my post.
Please let me know if any more info is needed.


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Hiya mate I’ll send a pic when a get a sec but im pretty sure G28 is the nightmare one that reads off the flywheel.

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After seeking advice I didnt tackle this job myself as the tiny alen key bolt that holds the sensor in can round off easily if it has been done up to tight if this happens the gearbox needs to come out for the bolt to be drilled out.. this along with the removal of the oil filter housing and everyting in front of that just felt like to much of a headache for me.
I got the sensor fitted for £150 and the parts where £30 not to painful of the wallet but I could have doen without the stress. :)

The mechanic told me there also a sensor on the cam which throws up the same error code and that job would have been a lot easier which also made me think I was better off getting him to do it as I could have changed the wrong sensor and still had the original prob.


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And an smarter mechanic would use a 2 channel oscilloscope and log the data from the camshaft sensor and the crank sensor raw outputs

You have a frequency of 6 so it happens often.


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He may have done that, I got it scanned and brought the parts to do the job myself, He just pointed out that I could have got it wrong..
I may be smart but Im not a mechanic :)


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I meant is the mechanic fitting the parts could have verified the issue beforehand as their due diligence