Where to put sound deadening


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I just recieved my bulk pack of 41 sheets of silent coat which weighs a ton!
I paid £80 for it + I bought a roller tool to really get it stuck to the body work.

On my 8P 3dr where should i be laying this stuff down..
Door wise I assume only inner skin as I cannot get to the outer?
Rear panels, whole boot...
Anywhere else?



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In your ears :undwech:


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you can stick it everywhere, to be honest it depends on how much weight you want to add to your car, because like you rightly point out, it weighs a ton.

The best bet is a 6-10 inch square behind your speakers double layer is better too, so ideally stuck to the door skins. And then any metal that is open to the back of a speaker really if you imagine the door as the speaker cabinet. The more you use the better sound you'll get, but the more weight you'll add, so it's horses for courses as they say.

I also like to make a gasket form the stuff and mount it between the speaker and the door or wherever its screwed to.

If you have a sub in the boot, then do the inside of the boot door and sides of the boot again, against the inside of the outer panel.

I assume you're not doing this to minimise road noise, which is another use for the stuff but involves sticking in different places, like the floorpan!


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Wheel arches helps reduce road drone noise too. Spare wheel wells tend to be quite thin and resonant. Then door skins as Nick says.


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Thanks all. I shall attack the suggested areas.
regards to weight, ive had the box in the boot for a week and have not noticed any MPG reduction/handling changes due to weight so will make sure I use the lot - even if i have to double up!


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hi i have mine underneath the rear passenger seats, rear quarter pannels, underneath the boot carpet and spreading across into the spare tyre mould space, and in the tailgate to. it seems to do the trick, however it doesnt always stop all vibrations from reaching the car metal, all depends on how loud the system is.


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Ive started in the boot and trying to cover as much metal as I can but had to stop as it was killing my hand pressing it down nice and hard into the gaps and ive managed to cut my hands up asweel on the sharp edges!


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You really are wasting your time covering every inch. Sound deadening obeys the laws of diminishing returns, so covering the large areas will give the best results. All the small areas will not benefit at all.