Which Discs?


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Looking to get some drilled or grooved discs (or a combo of both).
Can anyone give any recommendations?

Been looking at Black Diamond, EBC Ultimax, Ferodo so far.

I have a B8 3.0 TDI Saloon


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It's all down to preference mate. I went for the drilled and grooved ones. They are performing very well.


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I have Mtec with Brembo pads - they are good...better than OEM and Pagid anyway.
Went for dimpled and grooved rather than drilled, as they are less likely to crack.


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I've MTEC drilled on the back of my RS3, matching the OEM fronts, with EBC Redstuff front and rear, just perfect...


Shown here with 'winter' rubber...

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This was my set up for the fronts on my mk2 Cupra (same 345mm discs). After a track day of hard use they still performed spot on

The whole lot set me back £240 so great value for money.


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Mtec Black Edition & EBC Redstuff pads front & rear for me. (With an S5 Front Brake Conversion - )