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Hi, i have a 2011 s line sportback with the upgraded speakers and factory sub in the boot but not the b&o speakers, one of the front door speakers has blown so might take the opportunity to upgrade all 4 door speakers and wanted to ask what type of speakers are fitted and any recommendations, thanks


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Focal is a top-notch brand.

I also have a 2011 A3 with 4 speakers and sub and it sounds really poor compared to my 2006 A3 with the same setup which sounds quite good
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6.5" in the front. Not sure what is in the rear doors of a Sportsback. Dynaudio Esotec or Esotar aftermarkets are my choice.

Dont confuse Dynaudio installed in VW OEM. It is utter sh*t compared with Dynaudio aftermarket.


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How much do you want to spend?