Which stereo do I have?


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I put the deposit down today on my A3 and it comes with a double DIN stero with CD player and a Tape player.

Does this signify that it is a Symphony II? If it is a Symphony II does it have a 6 CD-player, or is that an optional extra?

It wasn't mentioned in the car ad, but every ad that I've seen with the Symphony II it also has the 6-CD changer.

It also comes with a BOSE sound system, if this makes anything clear?

I'm looking to get a RNS-E and reading the retrofit thread it says that there must be a 6 CD-player.



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Ok, looking on Parkers.co.uk it does look like it is only the Symphony II that comes with the cassette, and the Symphony II comes with the 6 CD autochange as standard :)

Sorry for wasting your time guys, lol.