Which wheels do you prefer for my RS3

Which wheels do you prefer for my RS3? (See pics in Post #1)

  • BBS

    Votes: 15 78.9%
  • MTM

    Votes: 3 15.8%

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Sorry to be a pain but I'm gonna have to see the wheels on the car to make an informed choice.....:thumbsup:BBS look mean....


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what ever you do just keep the original rotors or else you wil regret it.
BBS are built to higher standards than the ATS rotors & those MTMs.
for me its the BBS.
MTMs will make your car look like an RS3 replica.
PLEASE, KEEP THE ROTORS or i can keep them for you.


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Personally I love BBS CH's, but I think there's more to choose from out there than just those two.


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Bbs all day long........ 👏


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BBS all day long?


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Neither. Rotors look better than both.

Probably just me but BBS look like VMR / HRE / TSW / Momo / OZ with varying grades of thickness in the spoke design and all are fusy. If they are your winter wheels you'd spend ages cleaning them and getting frost bite in the process. MTM are heavier than the moon. Practical head on here but surely you would want something classy, minimal in design and easy to clean / get your hands around with the wheel brush / mitt. Me personally I went for R8 V8 replicas which look OK, if I was really looking to spend cash Sportec Mono 10's or VMR 701's or the ones Dave had on his car.

How about some 18" replica rotors?


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Hi guys ,they will be winter alloys :)

Winter alloys.....! Alright for some, lives of the rich and shameless......... I've got to save up everytime
I want to fuel up wah wah wah......... Another mpg winge. Btw the car's filthy again.