Whose cupholder....


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whose cupholder illuminates red when the lights are on?

my 02 1.8T se doesnt. but a friend has just bought an 05 2.5tdi s-line cabrio and that does!

is it only fitted to the rag top, or is it something to do with the auto lights, or age-related?


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Nope, neither does mine! (02 2.5 TDI)


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Yep, mine does, 04 Sline, think it's to do with the interior light pack, illuminates red behind air vents aswell and also red illumination at door handles.


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Yep, my 04 S-Line does it also. The air vents, door handles, business card holder and inside of the arm rest all light up red!!


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yea my old quattro tdi avant 2003 did yet my new quattro 2004 tdi avant doesnt yet its the same spec car!!! must be a option pack


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Do you mean the little cup symbol on the front? If so mine does. If not, I can't see it illuminate anywhere else.


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All part of the interior light pack. You also get 2 little LED's on the roof (just infront of the central sunvisor i think) - that give the front of the car a nice red glow when driving at night (well I like it anyway!)


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I noticed that mine doesnt last night.....52 1.9 TDI Sport


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i had a look at mine and it has an illumination strip on the rear part of the circular holder but this strip doesn't light up but neither does the cup symbol on the front of the holder when its closed so i think mine is knackered as well, come to think of it the card symbol on the coin tray next to it doesn't light up either but i do have a red light in my arm rest???


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M4KTT said:
whose cupholder illuminates red when the lights are on?

Hello everyone. My first post (finally, after lurking here for donkey's!):applaus:

Yup, mine does on my A4 SE, but my uncle's doesn't on exactly the same car (albeit a saloon.) His wife has a B7 A4 SE, and hers don't either. My mum's 2.4 Cab doesn't, yet it has the two red "mood lights."
This is something I've been wondering for no other reason than I've noticed it!!
BTW, I love the way that they fade out when you open either the cup holder or the Cash tray.


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it is part of the illumination pack, which also includes, puddle lights, light in the back of the doors, lights where the interior door handles are, lights in each footwell, the red cabin lighting, lighting on the cup holder and coin tray symbols, symbol lighting on the interior roof light switches, lighting above each sun blind, glovebox light. They are the ones I know are extra some others may be standard.




Hmmm, never thought of that one in my semi drunken state. Cheers mate.

I'll have to have a rethink, although drilling a few holes shouldn't be to tricky. Should it??


Ok, I bought these lights while a little bit drunk but thought it best to fit them sober.
They really are as simple as the ad says for fitting. You do have to drill the roof console but once I removed it I found it was all marked up on the back anyway. Just took a little bit of care while drilling and all went well. The two lights themselves just clip into place and 2 wires to connect. All in all about 15 mins work.