Will 17" wheels from an 8p fit an 8V


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I've got on order an A3 Sportback Sport (with a week 46 build - promised early dec?).

I am looking around for a 2nd set of 17" alloys to give me a winter tyre set.

I want to stay with oem parts just in case there is an insurance question

Will a set of alloys off a 8p fit the 8v - especially as the 8v has the new mqb platform?

The 8v glossy brochure only gives part number of the 17" wheel option as CJ1 (5-arm Kinetic) - does anyone know the full audi part number for this wheel?

(it may well be 8P0601025CC - but I'm not certain - but this could be 8p only??)



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yes they will.

it the same 5*112
ET is a bit different (around 40 for the 8P and 51 for the 8V) but it's only 1,1cm difference

8V0601025F is the right code for the 8V CJ1 wheel : 7,5 x 17 ET 51
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Thank you for answering - I really thought they were the same and I was just about to buy a set of 8p wheels and worse I was going to change my A3 order to the CJ1 wheel option - so I had 8 matching wheels - which of course then wouldn't be!!!

Just for interest I've added comparison photos of the 8p versus 8v and also the standard A3 sport wheel below. Difficult to spot the difference!
If I am correct the offset numbers look like they will make the wheel/tyre 5mm closer to the suspension strut? - I suppose I could run a 4 or 5 mm wheel spacer with the 8p wheels??

8P0601025CC 7,5Jx17H2 ET56

8V0601025F 7,5Jx17H2 ET51


8V0601025BK 7.5x17 ET51


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the 8P wheels will be 11mm farther inside, it should fit without spacer