Will a brake line from VW golf MK5 fit the A3 8V ?


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I hope some one can answer your question but it's not a very common swap.
Why not buy one and see?

Would it not be possible to determine the ends and required length and getting some made up?


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well yes I could but the seller (not the one on the link I posted) told me if it's not the same lenght he could sell me for the same price a custom built for my car.

hose from golf 5 / A3 8P is 585mm long
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So long as it fits the caliper, you can make a new line if required from the other end into the abs unit, usually very cheaply too with the correct fittings and flaring tools. you could pop into a local motor factors and ask if you could inspect the hoses for both cars, i do this quite often before buying parts when modifying cars.