Winter Protection for a fellow member


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Hi guys

Just thought i'd share this detail I did for a recent new member on here. Will (Yeti3.0tdi) got in touch asking if I could give his car a good thorough clean and to add some vital protection for the winter months. Between us we decided that the bodywork would be thoroughly de-contaminated, polished then a couple layers of sealant would be applied. The wheels were to be removed, thoroughly cleaned and sealed and also the leather was to be cleaned and treated and the interior vacuumed. I have taken photo's of most of the steps however as time and light were a factor in this detail I had to skip a few shots.

So on a very early and cold but at least sunny morning I made the drive up to Bromley. Will very kindly had the car clean when I arrived to make my life a bit easier. So on arrival here is how the car looked...

Firstly all badges, door shuts etc were cleaned with a valet pro brush and apc.

As the vehicle was relatively clean I didn't snow foam and instead thoroughly jet washed the bodywork down before washing using the 2 bucket method. Once washed and rinsed here is proof there wasn't really any protection as the water was just sitting on the paintwork.

I then sprayed tardis on and left to work before wiping off then followed by ironx to remove further contaminants. It is a little hard to notice in this pic but there was quite alot of tar present.

Next the bodywork was clayed to remove any last contaminants that the previous steps hadn't removed.

So after a 2 1/2 hour wash process this is how the car looked.

So I broke out the brinkmann and went swirl hunting to see how the bodyworks condition was and it didn't take long....

As the aim of the day was to add vital protection and I will hopefully be returning in the new year for some paint correction I settled on polishing using megs ultimate compound which masked most of the minor wash marring while helping to enrich the beautiful moro blue colour! :)

50/50 where the front door has been polished

I then applied 2 coats of blackfire all paint protection sealant which I left to cure for half hour for each coat. This created the nice wet illusion it's famous for!

All exterior glass was then sealed with Gtechniq G1

All interior plastics were cleaned with auto finesse total as well as the leather. Raceglaze leather balm was then applied to it.

The wheels were removed then fully de-contaminated, dried, had 2 coats of poorboys wheel sealant applied the put back on the car and torqued to manufacturer settings.



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Finally the interior was vacuumed and 9 hours later with almost all daylight gone here's how it looked. Sorry the poor quality..

Thanks very much to Will for letting me loose on your car and look forward to seeing it at the meet on Sunday! :)


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Looks great job :cool:


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And I must say I was thoroughly impressed! Literally from the moment Luke got to mine he didn't stop all day, just continuously working on the car to get IMO some great results. He did advise me to have some machine polishing beforehand but I was happy to see what he could achieve by hand first of all. I was so impressed by his results i immediately booked something for January and I think this will defo become a regular treatment over the year. Never had a detail done before on any car I have owned, but just running my hand over the wing it was soooo smooth and clear. I was proper grinning! Any one coming to the meet at Maidstone on Sunday is welcome to have a look at the car and let it speak for itself!


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