Would you choose the Audi...


F 430. I'm a tiffosi man!

As with any luck games the odds never favour the player...


I'd have the Cayman S + £45k. The money would come in handy, and I'd have a car I could use every day, unlike a Ferrari or a Lambo. I've been tempted by these competitions everytime I go through Heathrow and Gatwick, never given in yet though!


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Same here,Cayman S + £45K to spend on motorbikes.
Not that I want a Cayman S,but the choice is pretty limited.


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Yes I'd definitely choose the Audi.

The others are too small to get by kayaking gear in except for the Bentley and not being a footballer I'm not into bling!


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Id go for the RS4 to be honest for the practicality and fact i could prob just insure one at 24. I enter these every time im in Dubai airport its £60 a ticket


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roadrunner said:
not being a footballer I'm not into bling!

Funny you should say that,as Roy Keane's RS4 Avant was on Autotrader last month.
I wouldn't want any car that little pikey liked.


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Eeef said:
yep, but they all get them FOC (assuming Roy Keane plays for MUFC?)

Manager of Sunderland these days.
Dunno if he would have got it free.
Would he be allowed to sell it then,rather than give it back ?
It was tuned as well,so would he be allowed to do that if it wasn't his own ?


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All the MUFC players get them on 'free' leases as part of the sponsorship. Think they're essentially pool cars that they can do what they want with.


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Yeah,but even a free lease means they have to give them back.
If Roy Keane was selling his,it was his to sell.


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997 Turbo! Supercar you can use everyday