Xenon Headlights A4


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Hi all,

First time Audi owner (A4, 1.9 TDi SE) and first time poster.

Just wondering if anyone knew how easy it was to upgrade from Halogen headlights to Xenon. Is it just a case of simply swapping the bulbs or is it a bigger job.

Many thanks


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I believe you can swap the complete light clusters around but it wont have the washers or self levelling, which ideally you need to be fully road legal, otherwise get a aftermarket hid kit which you can buy for around £300, also do a search on here as many have done it :)


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An aftermarket kit is the best option in my opinion. These use a special bulb in place of the original one and a ballast that you splice into the loom. Other options require varying amounts of work.


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go to audiretrofit.co.uk they have a pdf file on how to do it and where to get the stuff cheap