Zero satellites found on Sat Nav HELP!


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Few weeks back my sat nav said i was in wales but i was travelling back from weston super mare...... many weeks have passed, i have tried many resets on the system and still no resolution.....

Any ideas passed going to a dealer and spending a fair few quid i would have thought....

Please help..


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Common issue with GPS Ariel. Purchase a cheap £5 from eBay and connect for testing. If all seems good then loom for a proper replacement.


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is it that simple? any guides pictures or videos? complete novice and cant see anything online...... :(


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Watch from 1:20,you will see him pull the main unit forward, @ about 2:02 you can ses the blue plug, bottom right of the screen, this is the GPS antenna, unplug this, plug in your ebay special, start car and see of you get more satalites