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    Hi Sandra, I've sold my cable but can't figure out how to remove myself from the VCDS user map. Please can you help? Thanks Simon (Jimmybuckrogers), Shrewsbury
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    Selling used faulty drive shafts

    A surcharge is usually given for old diveshafts when buying new ones, does anyone know if anywhere takes old ones off your hands without prior purchase? I have a pair of faulty originals that I swapped out with some second hand ones that need getting rid of. Cheers
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    What the average price for a service from an independant Audi garage?

    Audi main dealers will price match any quote from a garage within 15 miles using genuine audi parts. I emailed a local VW/Audi specialist garage and was quoted £200 +VAT for a 'major service' and sure enough Audi matched it...
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    Nice one, I'll bookmark that for next time.
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    Outer CV Boot Change Help

    I wrote up my method (and troubles) here... You can get stretchy boots with fitting cone and grease for under a tenner. A garage will charge somewhere in the region of £70 to do the job (inc parts). Here's a...
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    New turbo price difference

    Been looking around for the price of a new turbo for a PD140 BKD and noticed a fair price difference between these 2 suppliers... £560.20 (free delivery) from here - £725 (+£8.50 delivery) from...
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    Throttle Issue - 2.0 TDI BKD

    I'm up in Shrewsbury (West Midlands), I'll have a mess around with VCDS and see what I can find. Cheers
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    Throttle Issue - 2.0 TDI BKD

    Nice, I'll have a look into it. Thanks very much
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    Throttle Issue - 2.0 TDI BKD

    Interesting, how did you manage to figure that out? My bkd has a really slow pickup between 1000 to 2000 and I was wondering if it was a similar issue?
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    Throttle Issue - 2.0 TDI BKD

    Hey Chrisk did you ever get to the bottom of this?
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    Launch Control?

    Fair enough, I've been reading a lot of conflicting discussions about it, many people saying it isn't on the TDI 140, others saying you have to do it just right. I'm going to Audi dealership on Monday so will try and get a definitive answer then. It's not something I'm fussed about but just...
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    Launch Control?

    Well I'm just telling you what happened
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    Launch Control?

    I'll have a word with Audi next time I'm there to see if they can confirm if my car has it. Cheers
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    Arm rest repair kit.

    When you say "sliding down" do you mean the whole armrest is dropping? The armrest is height adjustable, if you put the handbrake down, that will allow the armrest to drop to it's lowest setting and reset the ratchet, then (if it's working correctly) will stay at whatever height you bring it to...
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    Launch Control?

    I've got the paddles and the selector is of the later style, but I gave it a go the other day (followed the instructions to the letter) and it didn't seem to like it, engine laboured at first then went up to around 2400, then when I took my foot off the brake the revs dropped and it kinda...