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    Wanted Audi A4 B7 RS4 Grill WANTED

    As above, cash waiting
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    Wanted A4 B7 RS4 Front Grill

    I am after the above, ping me a message if you have one available. Cash Waiting
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    A4 B7 2.0 TDi Coolant Loss.

    Could be coolant leaking internally through the EGR cooler, quite common
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    Battery drain

    Get a multimeter and preform a parasitic drain test, you have to flip the latch on the door so it thinks its locked otherwise the cars systems wont fully go to sleep then pop off the fuse cover and test across each of the fuses
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    First Start Problems

    Ever since we have owned our 2001 TT Roadster 225 it has never started first time but second turn of the key its been fine until recently. Now the car will not start on the first 3 or 4 attempts and then once it runs it coughs splutters and conks out. On the next try it will fire up perfectly...
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    Post pics of your B7 A4/S4 Avant, the more the merrier.....

    Finally after nearly 3 years of ownership i bothered to take some nice pictures.
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    For Sale A4 B7 3.0 TDI S/S Exhaust

    Would this fit an avant. I have a 2.0 tdi 170bhp the rear part looks very similar to my standard exhaust
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    Front Door Speakers Stopped Working

    Still got absolutely nowhere with this. Check every fuse twice. And the wiring im completely stumped
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    Front Door Speakers Stopped Working

    knowing how much kids like to mess about with such things it was first thing I checked lol
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    Front Door Speakers Stopped Working

    I recently upgraded my front door speakers and they have been working great but all of a sudden both drivers and passenger side speakers stopped working. The wiring is fine, the door looms are fine, the fact that both stopped at the same time suggests something else. I have checked the whole...
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    For Sale Dension Gateway Pro BT

    Money sent. I have PM'd you my address many thanks
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    For Sale Dension Gateway Pro BT

    Mega mate. PM me your paypal and I will send you my postage address. Cheers
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    For Sale Dension Gateway Pro BT

    Just done some checks and it seems fully compatible to me if you give me a postage price I will take that off your hands
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    For Sale Dension Gateway Pro BT

    Hi there I have an Audi A4 B7 Avant with a RSN-E mk1 will this be fully compatible if so I will take it cheers
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    Undertrays Slowly Committing Suicide

    I have already had to replace the engine and gearbox tray as apart of my Avant ownership but yesterday whilst at motor way speeds the large plastic tray that runs the length of the passenger sill broke free and destroyed the little plastic covers in front and behind. Not wanting to spend a...