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Assuming you have the springs and the mechanic uses spring compressors.

Absolutely top side 2 hours labour.
To add to this, If you are doing it yourself and have the S3, you don't even need spring compressors as there is almost no compression when the nut is half way unscrewed, I went and got some specially for doing my springs but were not needed.
Yes get 4 wheel alignment and new TTY bolts where needed as some are single use and torqued.


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Average pricing seems to be £120 to £220 depending on location for fitting. Springs range from £200 for Eibach Sportlines up to £1200 for MSS Kits.


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I've normally done mine myself.
Springs only on the A3/S3 are a 2hr job, done them plenty of times on the drive.
If your doing the rear shocks as well then its nearer 3hrs.
I've got Bilstein shocks and Eibach springs to go on the SQ5 and this time I'm paying someone as I just cant be bothered this time around.....its costing me £180