Rear caliper swap. Squeaking cured.


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For a while I’ve had an intermittent rear caliper problem that was a rotational squeak when off the brake pedal.

At first it would only happen when hot but as time progressed it started to get more frequent.

After fitting the DBA pads I discovered a leaky seal, which made me wonder if this was the cause, so I took the caliper off and stripped it down, fitted a new seal & bled the line.
All good for 4 days then it returned, although not as severe.
So I decided to ring Audi for a price for a new rear caliper, price is……….£ 800 complete

Could have bought the caliper body for £270 but if it was a motor issue then I’d still be in need of that at £440 on top.

Did some ringing around and found a ‘specialist’ EPB refurbishing company, order placed and then these turned up




This was what was promised

So boxed up and will be sending them back.

I then found a brand new Vag EPB caliper in silver but not OEM, so went to brakes international in Rochdale and bought it.

I had intended to paint it gloss black but decided to transplant the internals instead.


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So it’s basically had a new piston (with much thicker walls, see image above) new screw / slider mechanism inside, new seals everywhere and a new motor.

Hopefully this has cured it.

Price for the aftermarket caliper, £149.
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