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On the way home from work last night, got stuck in third gear, wondered what kind of damage Im looking at, had the car recovered, and when checked by the rac guy seems to be the linkage is working correctly and the gear stick is still under tension, so seems like something has failed in the gearbox itself, this a reconditioned gearbox job? If so anyone know of any reputable breakers i may be able to source one?


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Might be worth disconnecting the cables and seeing if you can select third on the box itself?

This vid will help:

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selector fork sheared a rivet... happened to me previously. still have box sat here stuck in 3rd (4x4 box)


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Best to take it to a garage or a transmission specialist? Any idea of a ballpark figure of how much it may set me back?

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Off topic but did it make much difference? I had the rear but never fitted it, sold it instead :(

I believe it behaves like having a performance haldex controller, power stransition is much smoother though.