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Hi Guys

First of all this is my first post thank you for having me here. I am joining as we have purchased a Audi A7 2015 3.0TDI 272. Thought as a start as its been purchased might as well make an account and post away.

We are picking the car up on Saturday we went to view it today, all looked and sounded good test drive was nice.

Its a 2015 with 51k miles on it. White interior, darkish grey exterior. The only thing that concerned me when i started it up and opened the bonnet there was this loud ticking noise on the left hand side. I mentioned this to the sales guy and he said he can check with the inhouse Audi mechanic, This is a Audi dealership in London.

The car was such a new part exchange I believe that it had not even been valeted yet or maybe serviced either.

The mechanic came out and heard the ticking and said that normal and all TDI have them. Sounded a little bit of a fob off to me as I myself am an aerospace engineer and have dealt with a fair few sounds.

Last time I heard this ticking noise like this was on my s type jaguar and it turned out to be faulty injector seals but surely Audis own mechanic will not exactly come out to inspect a car on their own forecourt of their dealership and bull a customer whose about to spend 20k right?

Based on that I took his word for it, left it started while I did some paper work for the test drive, took it for a test drive all was good came back parked it up and by now the engine is warmed up and I pop open the bonnet and this ticking has albeit disappeared.

So not sure what this is all about but I am attaching a video. The tinny sound you hear in the video is just bad quality audio after uploading.

What do your guys make of it.

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