1. P

    Rust on door frame

    Hello guys, I just purchased an 07 8P in great condition, except a few nicks here and there I'm faced with the following problem: I have some rust building up on the door frame under the seal Is there any easy way to fix this? Maybe just clean the rust under the seal and re-seal it? I'm...
  2. Moltentom

    LED Headlight help needed!!

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum and was wondering if anyone could help. The sidelight/daytime running light recently went on my Audi (8v 2014). The issue is that the previous owner has retrofitted to the Hella LED headlights (picture attached) in which the sidelight isn't a bulb and is instead...
  3. E

    A6 Allroad Bitdi - Rear Diffuser Help

    Hello, I have 2014 A6 Allroad, i am wanting to fit an RS6 style rear diffuser. Does anyone know if this would be possible or has been done? Or even if anyone has done an exhaust tip change? Any advice appreciated
  4. E


    Hi all, I recently bought a pair of Avant B9 roof bars (the type which fit to the rails) and one of the lift up caps / housings are missing. Do any of you have one or know where I can get one? I’ve looked online and can never find! Thanks Ed
  5. E

    Audi A3 35tfsi auto no electric seats

    Hiya, is anyone else have the 35 tfsi auto that didn’t come with electric seats? It seems to be a common problem even though, the Configurator said that it would come with electric seats but without memory function also anyone got issue with dash warning lights appearing? Things like pre sense...
  6. M

    WANTED Audi S3 with virtual cockpit

    Looking for a Audi S3 in blue or black under 43k mileage preferably 5 door may consider 4. Must haves: virtual cockpit B&O Auto Sensors looking to spend £22500 will consider other specs for right price but virtual is a must
  7. William McGougan

    Balance shaft removal

    Hi guys, does anyone have a guide as to removing the balance shafts and keeping 2.0tfsi pump? Heard alot of issues using the 1.8 pump I would like to know where to cut from and where I need to weld the oil galleries for it all to function properly, I do have a Wasa freewheel to fit but I liked...
  8. HarveW

    AUDI A3 8P, MANUAL Control to Dual climate Control upgrade

    Hi, I know this is a BIG project. Some would say, sell the car and buy one with it. I wish I could, Its too late for that now. My situation atm is that I have the manual air con control in my car. And I am planning to upgrade to the dual climate control. I have all the parts that's is...
  9. William McGougan

    Upgrading Ko4 injectors

    Has anyone upgraded the internals of ko4 injectors themselves? And if so how was it to do and where did you get the parts, cheers.
  10. P

    Buying a used Audi A3 2005

    Ok I've found a private seller that's listed a 1.6 A3 2005 and wants £1400, I'd test drive to see if its faster than my 1.2 Corsa lol. I have some pictures below, 103000 miles interior looks about right. I would scan for codes and do an inspection before test driving of course. MOT advisories...
  11. 420S3

    Audi S3 missing drive select & stop start

    Hi all, So I recently (2 weeks ago) bought a s3 8v that is remapped to stage 2, the car drives beautifully and sounds amazing however a few issues the guy told me was due to the remap I dont think are anything to do with that now. When I bought the car I got the tyres replaced a day later the...
  12. Milky Joe

    Audi - Missed Service!

    I'm about to voluntarily terminate my Audi PCP, but I've realised I've missed a service by 7000 miles (don't ask - I'm so annoyed with myself). Does anyone know how much VWFS charges for a missed service, when handing a car back? Should I bother getting it serviced so late after the due date...
  13. William McGougan

    Wanted Milltek decat S3 8P

    Looking for Milltek decat Will swap my sports cat + cash
  14. S

    Audi a5 2014 Bonnet WANTED

    Hello, has anybody got a Bonnet for sale for a 2013-2016 A5? Preferably in black, Needed ASAP
  15. William McGougan


    Hi all, who has changed the crank thrust washers before? And how bad a job is it? I haven't saw of anyone actually doing it on here and what's all involved, any help appreciated thank you. I'm planning on fitting the tsr uprated ones as I'm running Sachs clutch and going hybrid turbo
  16. R

    A4 B6 2003 1,8T inside lights (picture added)

    Hello! I have little problem with my Audi A4 B6. When I turn the main light switch on, the inside lights what I marked with red are not working. See photo below. Only works fog lights symbols (I marked with green).I tried install new switch but the problem is still on. Also I tried my switch on...
  17. William McGougan

    For Sale RS3 Injectors & Adapted loom for Audi

    For sale are my RS3 Injectors, literally covered around 4000miles from new, in excellent condition, I got them with the idea of going big turbo but I went for a hybrid instead Comes with 4 X RS3 Injectors, adaption loom for Audi S3 8p £650 but will consider sensible offers
  18. A7Vorsprung

    Audi A7/A6 C8 50 tdi torque/gearbox software update

    We all know the horrible torque issue with the 50 tdi from Audi. It is dangerous on entering a roundabout and exiting a junction. Luckily I have received a call from Audi to bring the car to the dealership for a software update, that will resolves this issue. I can't wait to update you guys...
  19. M

    Help Please Mysterious brake problem after pad replacement

    This is an absolute mystery to me and I would appreciate it if someone with an understanding of brake systems could give me a few tips. I had the front brake pads replaced on my A4 B8 2010 sedan and ever since the replacement the brake pedal felt a lot softer. I can press the brake pedal until...
  20. shash_128

    P0299 underboost please help

    Hi, I have a 2007 2.0t BUL and when the turbo kicks in it sounds different and has not much of a kick. With a diagnostic scanner this code came up. I've changed the dv and smoked tested and found no leaks. Does this mean the turbo is going bad? What's the best way to diagnose it? Thanks