Pre-sense warning light (yellow) and reversing question


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Hello, hopefully someone can answer these for me?

1. When I turn on the ignition I get a yellow pre-sense warning light. This stays on until I have driven about 100 metres and then it clears. Anyone else have this?

2. Silly thing to notice but when I select reverse I do not get an audible beep to tell me I have selected reverse. I kinda liked this in my SEAT Leon. Also I read somewhere this could indicate a fault, but maybe I am reading into it too much and the new A3 just doesn't do it.

Thanks a lot!
Hi mate, my A3 definitely does beep when I put it into reverse.
A3 S-Line 35 TDI
Not tried this today, but had a thought..could this be related to whether the camera is set to automatically engage when car is put in reverse?