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    Faraday Signal Blocker Pouch ..

    I believe it is the keyless entry that poses the risk. This is combatted by the bonnet having to be open to use the obd2 port and the keys going dormant. if you’re still worried you could get a pouch or put the key in a metal tin.
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    RS3 Build Tracker Spreadsheet

    Racing mica?
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    Premium Fuel v Supermarket

    From my experience, I get worse economy on supermarket fuel. There were cases a few years ago where it was destroying land rover engines. AFAIK supermarket fuel is fuel that is coming to the end of its life, so has more additives in it to make it saleable, hence poorer quality. There are...
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    RS3 8Y General Discussion Thread.

    Goodwood does have a circuit. It runs round the aerodrome.
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    Functions on Demand - insurance implications

    Which insurance company? As stated above FoD does no make the car more attractive to thieves, alter the performance, so I can’t see why the insured risk would change. A vehicle originally spec’d with any FoD is still in the same category as one without afaik so it should make no difference. I...
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    A3/S3 delivery lead time?

    There is some articles on the web, but they’re all guessing. with the current situation I suspect there will be no changes until MY24
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    A3/S3 delivery lead time?

    The current model is MY22. MY23 will come out later in the year if there are any revisions. I bought my MY22 A6 in august last year just after it had been released.
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    Fault spotted at end of warranty

    @desi112 Could also be the g65? sensor. I had this on my 2021 A6. When it went hot outside the ac would stop working, then randomly kick in after a few days. You only really noticed it when it was hot, when it was cooler it seemed to be working enough to cool the air.
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    £260 doesn’t seem to bad for dealer, but I’d do it every 40k, which is what my indie quote.
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    Door Speakers

    Easier to buy some aftermarket ones that fit.
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    Approved Used questions

    You shouldn’t be charged diagnostics for a warranty claim. All costs are covered under warranty. I would be taking this up with hq and the dealer for a refund.
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    Interior design pack

    I didn’t think the wheel was as the 8Y uses a newer system
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    Avant 40tdi sline- load area fixing kit standard

    Try @creweaudiparts on here
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    S3 8P air con issue

    Probably gas. could do with scanning to see if there are any fault codes. You can also then see what the pressures are like.
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    Spotted one tonight.

    Red saloon seen on larkhill camp this morning. Does look nice.